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Functional Productivity

A "project" can take on a different meaning for every chick.

It could be a task at work or for your business - like updating a website, managing new client portfolios, developing an e-book, or creating a new program. It could be managing your household for the week or preparing for a trip to Jamaica with your girls.

It could be your sorority or professional organization obligations, or planning your mom's retirement party. Step one for using this planner is making a list of your current and potential projects.

Know that your projects can change at any time, and that's exactly what this planner is for - to keep up with your fabulous, evolving life.

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An Ode to the Greatest

You'll peep the theme of Ca$h Money Records throughout The OG. Tabs and insert pages feature some of the most memorable lyrics and quotes from the '99 and the 2000. From the inside cover to the final pages, lines from arguably the greatest rap producers and writers of our era will be sure to keep you motivated as you get sh*t done. We even created a customized playlist available for your listening pleasure that features the songs and album singles mentioned throughout The OG.


Stay in Your Lane

This planner is undated for a reason. No need to waste pages on hours that you won't use. The monthly layout is ideal for noting major dates - like the beginning and end dates of contracts, travel, birthdays, and financial payment dates. You have six, undated monthly layouts to use, and remember, you don't have to plan for six consecutive months if you don't want or need to! Take it a month at a time, and label each month, as needed. Who knows? You might take a month off to sleep in everyday on the beach in Miami! If this planner works well for you, grab another one when you run out of months or when your project task pages run out - whichever comes first.

Every planner comes standard with a diamond-tipped pen and washable, black fabric “money bag” to protect your planner and ideas, and store any accessories that you might need. You won’t leave any money-making necessities behind with this - and we’ll make sure of it. No separate purchase necessary!

Money-Making Accessories

The Lil’ Mama sticky notes are the perfect accessory for tasking on the go! You can jot down taksk and take quick notes for easy transfer to your planner later on.

You can also stay organized with our dollar sign "money clips." The OG comes with a removable page marker, but in case you need to tab other pages for easy access, we've got you covered.

Need to take notes to a client? Just picked up a check? Your documents will be secure in this storage pocket located in the back of the planner.
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